hokka delivers smiles and great tasting treats to the world

Our Century
Together With Smiles
100 years have passed ever since our establishment in 1918. We witnessed many smiles throughout the times. To form a big circle of happiness with more smiles of adults and children, We will still be providing safe, tasty, and nourishing confectionery forever. However much time passes, our heart will never change. Today in Kanazawa, you could even find us baking confectionery there.
The hokka story
Be hokka, always and forever
In 1918 “Japan Arare Ltd.” was founded in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Hokuriku Confectionery, Ltd.’s history began with the start of rice cracker production. With a basis in craftsmanship that holds steadfast to the trends of the time, we want to continue as we are and make new treats to deliver smiles and great tasting treats to the world.
An Obsession with Methods
Although we might not quite be keeping with the times and latest trends, our aim is to make treats that everyone from children through to older people can eat together with peace of mind because of their simplicity. At hokka, this obsession is a theme we have had from day 1, and will continue to have into the future.
With stubborn insistence in
keeping with traditional
methods, no effort has been
spared to bake our treats
golden brown and fragrant
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