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The Bears'School Sweet Potato Biscuits

"The Bears' School" is about the life of 12 living bear cubs at the dormitory on the top of a mountain. Bear cubs are printed on the sweet potato biscuits. Enjoy the 115 cute design biscuits!

Ingredients Flour, sugar, shortening, wheat starch, sweet potato paste, fat-modified food products, food containing dairy products, margarine, glucose, salt, vegetable fats and oils, cinnamon, yeast extract, leavening agent, caramel coloring, emulsifier, smell flavorant, carotene coloring.
Contains soy products
Best before 1 year from the date of manufacture
  • 75g
    The Bears'School Sweet Potato Biscuits (75g)
    RRP 130 Yen (including tax)
  • 60g(15g×4packs)
    The Bears'School Sweet Potato Biscuits (4 Pack)
    RRP 162 Yen (including tax)

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