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Mikey Biscuits (Renewal)

Lisa Larson is a sculptural artist born in 1931 Hellunda Sweden.
Many fans are increasing not only in her home town and Japan, but worldwide for her sweet and cute designed animal and the simple warm expressive face figures.
The animals from the "BABY NUMBER BOOK" by Lisa and her daughter Johanna are printed on the milk biscuits. Enjoy the small different faces of Mikey the cat, Harriet the hedgehog.The printed words are names of the characters in Swedish.

Ingredients Flour, sugar, shortening, food containing dairy products, fat-modified food products(Contains soy products), non-fat milk, salt, yeast extract, leavening agent, caramel coloring, smell flavorant, emulsifier.
Nutritional facts (Amount per 100g) Calories 454kcal
Protein 8.9g
Fat 13.2g
Carbohydrates 74.8g
Salt equivalent 0.8g
Best before 1 year from the date of manufacture
Allergen labeling Allergens Wheat, milk and soy
Manufactured on equipment that is also used for products containing egg.
  • 110g Mikey Biscuits (Minibottle/Harriet)
    RRP 1,512Yen (including tax)
  • 180g Mikey Biscuits (Stand Pack)
    RRP 540Yen (including tax)
  • 45g Mikey Biscuits (Pocket Size)
    RRP 194Yen (including tax)

※Please note that the following tables have been translated from tables created in accordance with Japanese law.
©Lisa & Johanna Larson